Dynamic Planning and Developments turns 15!

July 1st 2022, marked 15 years of business for Dynamic Planning and Developments (DPD).   Founded by our Director, Neil Teo in 2007, DPD provides you with customised town planning and project coordination services. Our team have a strong focus on innovation, professionalism, effectiveness and vision into every project be it small, medium or large.…

How to check the zoning of your property!

How to check the zoning of your property! With the recent property boom in Perth, it has many homeowners considering what to do. Sell, stay, subdivide? However, property zoning is not as straight forward as many may think. Property zones vary between each council and state. So, it can be difficult to determine what options…

Understanding the fundamentals to Scheme Amendments!

As Perth’s urban sprawl continues to push homeowners to the outer fringe suburbs, buyers are substituting the quintessential ‘Australian dream’ approach and considering the possible future investment potential to determine the value of a property.

Where once location, design, size, and price were the major factors to consider, now possible land use and future rezoning opportunities are highly desirable.

However, Scheme Amendments are extremely complex and difficult to navigate. So, to help you get started, here are the fundamentals explained!