Derek Bickley


Derek is a valuable member of the team at Dynamic Planning. His role allows him to specialise in a wide range of statutory matters, including Development Applications, Subdivision Applications, Structure Plan Reports, Due Diligence Reports/Planning Investigations, and Scheme Amendment Proposals.

Derek understands the importance of proper and orderly planning processes and consistently delivers work of the highest standard. Committed to effective communication, Derek values the establishment of strong client relationships and rapport, understanding that these are vital components of professional consultancy.

Reegan Cake

Planning Coordinator

Reegan, an experienced and hardworking member of Dynamic Planning’s team, is responsible for navigating complex projects and situations within the Australian planning framework. He works with clients nationwide to ensure that the project outcomes achieved will enable the successful delivery of their development vision.

As a skilled negotiator, Reegan has experience working with various government authorities and different levels across all sectors of the planning industry, including rural, residential, commercial, and industrial.

Additionally, Reegan mentors other staff within the Dynamic Planning team to ensure that their learning and development progresses quickly and in line with client expectations.

Neil Teo


As the founding Director of Dynamic Planning, Neil expertly leads our team with a clear vision and a wealth of successful experience from over 25 years in both government and private sector planning.

One of Neil’s key roles and responsibilities is project coordination, often leading multiple project teams simultaneously. He collaborates closely with a diverse range of multi-disciplinary teams and leverages his extensive network of industry professionals in land development to deliver exceptional outcomes for his clients.

Neil’s work is driven by his passion for achieving fair and successful outcomes in every project he undertakes. He fosters a collaborative and cohesive ‘team’ environment at the heart of his approach, promoting unity and synergy throughout all endeavors.

Our team highly regards Neil’s leadership, as well as his commitment to mentoring and nurturing up-and-coming planners to help them achieve their professional goals.