• Project

    Non-Conforming Use Confirmation in Bassendean
  • Client

    Automotive Spares and Services Pty Ltd
  • Area

    151 Guildford Road, Bassendean
Our client has operated a motor vehicle repairs operation at the site for the better part of 40 years. They are now needing to pass the operation onto somebody else, however the existing approval was for a land use that no longer exists in Bassendean’s planning scheme. In that time, the planning framework has changed so that motor vehicle repairs are no longer allowed. As such, all prospective leasers were told by the Town of Bassendean that this could not be approved. We contacted the Town of Bassendean on behalf of the client to confirm with them that the motor vehicle repairs operation was consistent with the previous approvals under prior local planning schemes, with the Town provided acknowledgement that the operation was a continuing non-conforming land use.

Services Implemented

  • Statutory Planning
  • Negotiation

  • Non-Conforming Use Confirmation