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    SAT Appeal – Development Application Timeframe
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    D4 Designs
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Project Overview

Frustrated with how long development application assessments are taking with the relevant local government? A solution may exist via a deemed refusal appeal to the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT).
Recently, Dynamic Planning were involved in a situation where the local government advised our client of their inability to undertake a preliminary assessment for a period of 8 weeks. In order to expedite these timeframes, an appeal was lodged to SAT. Whilst the deemed refusal period didn’t exist at the time of lodgement or the first directions hearing, SAT was able to assist the parties in determining a mutually acceptable period for a determination to occur which ended up being a total of 76 days by the time we received the approval.
If you have experienced similar delays in the assessment of your development application, it may be time to look at the SAT pathway for a resolution.

Services Implemented

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