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Peter Gavranich
General Manager at Keneric Group

Dynamic Planning provides a high level of service and excellent attention to detail. They provide outcomes for complex property dealings. I would not hesitate in recommending Dynamic Planning to any private or public sector interest, as their experience in both of these sectors make them highly effective and easy to work with. 
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Leo Vinci
Director at Stoneridge

The Stoneridge group of companies has utilised the services of Dynamic Planning since 2015.

Dynamic Planning has been exceptional in providing a multitude of due diligence investigations, development coordination and subdivision projects for Stoneridge. Their ability to manage a complexity of projects ranging from small to large, from start to finish is amazing.
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Mark Borrello
Partner at Thomson Geer Lawyers

LSV Borrello Lawyers is proud to have worked with the Dynamic Planning team since 2012 on a range of complicated planning and development matters.

The team at Dynamic Planning are extremely efficient and focussed and from our mutual clients and respective dealings, their honest, pragmatic and intelligent approach has always resulted in successful outcomes.
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James Teoh
Director at Tuscom Subdivision Consultants

Tuscom Subdivision Consultants has utilised the services of Dynamic Planning since 2013. 

Dynamic Planning has provided great support to Tuscom over the years in providing professional town planning assistance for complex development applications and State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) review/appeal matters.
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Adrian Fiore
Director at AGEM Property Group

In 2015, Agem Property Group was recommended to utilise the services of Dynamic Planning to assist in the design and development approval process of a significant industrial project known today as Balcatta HQ.

We were positively impressed to see how well informed and prepared Dynamic Planning were from the start. Not only did they navigate the planning and development process for us as a development company, but they were well experienced and resourced to drive a development team of various professional consultants.
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Tony Brooks
CEO at Altegra Property Group

For over a decade now, Dynamic Planning and Developments have been providing Altegra and our clients with wonderful service and support, in the area of customised planning and development work.

Having started both our businesses around the same time, well over 10 years ago, we have been able to form a strong, strategic and professional relationship with Dynamic Planningto the benefit of our clients.
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Jon Briddon
General Manager Property – Sports Division

The Rebel Group first engaged the services of Dynamic Planning in 2013 (under the former Amart All Sports brand).

It has been a pleasure for the Rebel Group to rely on the expertise of Dynamic Planning and Developments, as their guidance and expertise has enabled our group to invest in Western Australia with an accurate understanding of the planning system. This has allowed the Rebel Group to analyse risks and perform measured decision making processes.
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Frank Borrello
Director at Complex Land Solutions

Complex Land Solutions has worked with the Dynamic Planning team since 2011 and we have developed an extremely close and reliable working relationship between our respective offices. The team at Dynamic Planning are extremely competent and they have assisted our office on some extraordinarily difficult matters.
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Adam Smith
Altegra Property Group

Altegra Property Group has utilised the services of Dynamic Planning since 2007.

The team at Dynamic Planning has always been there to support Altegra Property Group in navigating us through the planning system and what is and isn’t capable of achieving planning approvals.
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Justin Boelen
Director at ACORPP

ACORPP has utilised the services of Dynamic Planning since 2014.

The range of projects that Dynamic Planning has assisted ACORPP with has ranged significantly in both size and land use. However, in the majority of cases, they are complex and Dynamic Planning has always made a smooth path for all involved stakeholders involved to walk on.
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Nigel Warr
Managing Director at Auto Masters Australia Pty Ltd

Auto Masters were recommended by Complex Land Solutions to utilise the services of Dynamic Planning in 2011, as we had a development application that was heading down a pathway towards refusal. From the first meeting with Dynamic Planning, we were amazed how thorough and prepared they were in examining the applicable planning laws and presenting a pathway forward.
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